06 October, 2011 – This Week in Science


Ignobel Awards, Crab Nebula Calling, LUCO, Icarus Plans, Fins To Feet, Cometary Origins, Pee To Fuel, Happy Hate, Placebo Receptor, And Much More…

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There are more wrong answers to questions than there are correct ones.
On the surface this may seem obvious, but if you drill down a bit you soon discover that it is not only obvious, but also plain to see…
That the wrong information is prevalent in absolutely every human endeavor for the unknown itself begins as everything everywhere and only ends in an infinite number of best guesses.
It is utterly unavoidable that we must constantly make decisions based on incorrect data derived from poorly constructed questions under less than ideal experimental conditions with insufficient history of past results upon which to base future predictions…
And yet… our margin of error ridden decision making has allowed us humans to survive, to multiply and to produce magnificent achievements of the mind, terrific triumphs of technology and irrefutable rationalizations of the physical realities of time and space…
And while some will tell you that the old solutions are still the best solutions to our way forward…
Others, unsatisfied with simply having it right some of the time, continue to pursue more perfect solutions.
Are occupying themselves with the possibilities that were either overlooked or entirely unforeseen…
and are challenging the best answers of the past in order to find better ones for the future.
For no matter how much ground has been gained from the unknown in the many millennia of human knowledge we must not rest upon the laurels of giants…
And remind ourselves that the pioneering spirit of mankind still has an unexplored frontier ahead…
For there are still more wrong answers to questions than there are correct ones.
Although there is one thing we do know with great certainty… that it is time for
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Ignobel Awards!!!

Crab Nebula News

First common organelle

Flying Closer to the Sun

Fins to legs

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Water from Comets?

Bacteria turns urine into rocket fuel

Happy people more likely to hate

Some placebos act via cannabinoid receptors

Hey ladies! Make-up makes people like you better.

Brain variation determines memory accuracy.

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