10 February, 2011 – This Week in Science


This Week in Brains, Dating The Voynich, Parrots And Left Hands, A Gas Influencing Orbit, Bubbles Of Clay, Deserts And Jumping Genes, Justin Has Snake Legs, And Much More!

Show Notes:
Some of the stories we discussed…

Love and the brain
Death, decapitation, and consciousness
What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? (Thanks, Monkey)
Thinking cap continues to get news…

The Voynich Manuscript Gets Dated!

Left-handed parrots (Thanks, Pamela)

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Historic methane levels influenced by Earth’s orbit (Thanks, Pamela)

Gene promoters found in DNA deserts
Horizontal jumpers found in fungus (Thanks, Dale)
Jumping genes prevalent in people… (Thanks, Ed Dyer)

Snakes had legs?

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