19 December, 2013 – Episode 443 – This Week in Science


Successful Soap, Wasteful Vitamins, Advertising’s Nutritional Content, Invertebrate Sex, Dog Knows You, Cats Been Around, Early Hominid Finger Boning, Message In A Vodka Bottle, Booze For Life, Robo-Surgeons Suck, Exomoon Spotted!, And Much More…

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The following programming may contain material that may be perceived as objectionable to some,
while at the same time being perfectly acceptable to others.
The difference? You might ask…
Is a willingness to critically examine ones own preconceptions and biases under the harsh glare of a scientific lens.
And, a small touch of opinionating.
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Keeping Up With The Science
Don’t Use Soap With Added Antibacterials
The FDA is considering regulation of antibacterial soaps citing a lack of evidence that they work better than regular soaps, and a lot of evidence suggesting they actually harm the environment.

Why Are You Still Taking Vitamins?
More studies are out this week finding that multivitamins don’t help people on a balanced diet, and may contribute to cardiovascular disease.

Blair’s Animal Corner
Invertebrate Sex
Females die from sex… for a change…

Dogs recognize pictures of faces
Wait… Really?!

Cats Found in China
Well, evidence of the earliest domestication of the cat to date was found in China.

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The Human Family Tree Gets More Interesting
DNA from finger bones suggests that early humans definitely interbred (and inbred), and might have picked up some genes from Homo erectus.

Taking a Message from a Vodka Bottle

Alcohol Might Contribute to a Long Life
Who knew?

Robo-surgeons… Not as good as you think.

First Exo-Moon Discovered

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