24 February, 2011 – This Week in Science


Cell Phone Redux, A Mouse Heart, TWIWRD, Print Your Skin, Mind On Driving, Unlocking The Locked In, Bloody Chemicals, Planets And Exoplanets, A Leaky Gut, And Much More…

Show Notes:
Some of the stories we discussed…
Cell phones redux

Mouse hearts grow like the Grinch’s

This Week in World Robot Domination:
A helping Robot Hand (Thanks, Monkey)

Slip me some skin… (Thanks, David and Pamela)

Look, Ma! No hands! (Thanks, Monkey)

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This Week in Nano Medicine (Thanks, Ed and Monkey)

Planets in the making (Thanks, Ed)

50 billion exoplanets in the Milky Way (Thanks, Dale, David)

Minion mailbag
From minion Davey – “Just wanted to clear up something on Watson, it didn’t have a single microphone. So of course it couldn’t hear what the other contestants were saying and it can’t actually understand human speech. Clues were sent to Watson via text at the same time the clue was read to the humans and then after the question it was sent the right answer by text as well. The break through was in parsing the important parts of the question from all the word play that is used in the clue. There is a real nice documentary about Watson that can be found here

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