28 June, 2010 – This Week in Science


Scientific Fields Entangled
Biology and Physics merge as scientists try to explain the DNA double helix with quantum entanglement.

Attack of the Long-Lasting Tomatoes
Researchers used yeast genes to creat a transgenic tomato that delays decay for up to a week longer than what is currently normal.

Bedtimes for the Japanese
The Japanese government is urging people to go to bed an hour earlier with the goal of reducing carbon emissions.

Super Salmon
The FDA is considering allowing the growth and sale of genetically-modified, fast-growing Atlantic salmon with a constant stream of growth hormone.

Robo-Fish Will Lead You
Researchers have created a robotic fish that is so convincing that it tricks and even impresses other fish.

The Crashiest Season of All
When is the most dangerous time of the year to drive your car?

This Week in Science History
1660’s scientist Robert Boyle was right! A document was found filled with his insightful predictions many of which prove accurate today.

Bursting Bubbles for Cancer
A new cancer drug delivery system uses bubbles filled with drugs and bursts them using ultrasound at intended locations.

Hayabusa Update!
The little probe that could is a little gassy.

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