29 November, 2012 – This Week in Science


Water On Mercury, LHC New Matters, Finding Waves, Vaccines Without Virus, Mantis Shrimp Mess, Life Abounds, This Week in The End Of The World, Horizontal Gene Transfer, And Much More…

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Water Found on Mmm… Mercury?

LHC Spawns New Matter

Finding Gravitational Waves

Vaccines Without Virus

BLair’s Animal Corner
Don’t Mess with a Mantis Shrimp
Mantis Shrimp, previously mentioned in episode 373 as a critter with some amazing body armor, has another reason to be feared. The shrimp that employ a large club-like smashing mechanism actually have spring-loaded motion like a catapult, performing at a whopping 10-23 m/s, whereas those that spear their prey use shear muscle force at perform at 2-6 m/s. Watch out, little fishes!

Isolated Bacteria Found!

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End of the World!
Melting Glaciers
Acid Butterflies
Fish Ear Climate

Who Needs Sex?!
Bdelloid rotifers have reproduced asexually for millions of years. How are they still around? By stealing genes from other organisms. Around 10% of their DNA is acquired through horizontal gene transfer. 39% of the DNA that codes for enzymes are from a foreign source. Who needs sex, indeed?

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