01 February, 2017 – Episode 604 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Human-Pig Chimeras!, The Science Curious, Just Peoples, Pom Pom Crabs, Zombie Hamsters, Vanishing Peoples, Insect Love Hormone, Really Old Cow, Artificial Communication, Splendid Seeing Spiders, Bat-Bot, And Much More…

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As we watch government leadership roles be replaced by new individuals
We must keep certain things in mind…
Knowledge in medicine,
Cannot be replaced with a spoonful of sugar
Without expecting a different result.
Just as…
An antidote for a poisonous snake bite
Cannot be successfully substituted with a snarky anecdote.
And, as everyone listening already knows…
You can’t substitute science with
Anything that isn’t science…
And that’s why, no matter the politics of the day
We won’t substitute the contents of this show with anything else…
We will always bring you…
This week In Science
Coming up next…

Human-Pig Chimeras!
They are finally here! Kind of…

The Science Curious
Kudos to all who enjoy TWIS! For you are the science curious. Turns out science curiosity can beat out partisan thinking.

Ancient peoples, modern peoples…
just peoples.

Pom pom crabs! Need I say more??
They steal their anemones from one another, and then unceremoniously rip them in half to make perfect, matching, cloned pom poms. They take the cheerleading captainship a bit too seriously i think…

Zombie hamsters
Cannibalizing terrifying hamsters a result of too much corn in their diet, and consequently not enough vitamin B… Guess I better put down these chiaaaaps…..

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Vanishing Peoples
Was it climate change that led them away, and how does it apply to today?

Insect Love Hormone
By adding a chemical modification, Viennese scientists are hoping an insect love hormone will prevent premature births in humans.

Really Old Cow
Old art found in a cave.

Artificial Communication
A new study has created artificial cells that are capable of chemically communicating with bacteria.

Jumping spiders…
and their fabulous color vision that is better than Blair’s.

Bat Bot!
The newest bot to hit the scene is taking to the skies and flying like a bat!

Science March
April 22nd in a city near you…

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