03 February, 2016 – Episode 552 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Interview w/ Daniel Hummer re: The Carbon Mineral Challenge, CRISPR Alert!, Giving Babies Cooties, Let’s Go Renewable!, Not Peak Ocean, Safer X-Rays, Corvids-R-Smart, Disruptive Climate, Chubby Kitchens, And Much More!

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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!
The whirling dervishes of modern media have been spinning
and transfixing the attention of millions for so long
that for most Americans
It is quite possible that if it isn’t on television
or in the trending news section of an on the line browser portal…
it might as well not exist.
And we here at this week in science get that…
We understand that we could reach a greater audience with cat videos…
We know there is a huge audience for diet, beauty, and sports team ball tips…
Which new gadget has more mega whatsits or pixie floops?
How can I invest with confidence while not knowing anything about what goes on at the companies I’m investing in? Ah, there’s somebody in a suit saying xyz corp has a potential liquidity upside based on it’s initial earnings loss increase…
I guess I’ll bet my 401k on that pony…
We could do these sorts of shows, we simply choose not to.
Because to us, it’s worse than simply not as interesting or informative as
This Week In Science…
Coming up Next.

A British scientist has been given governmental permission to edit genes in human blastocycsts in order to study genetic control of human development.

Giving Babies Cooties
Researchers smeared babies delivered by C-section with vaginal secretions from their moms. When compared to the microbiomes of vaginally-delivered babies, the C-section microbiomes appeared almost normal. This suggests a proof of concept that could be fine-tuned for use in hospitals.

Let’s Go Renewable!
A recent analysis suggests that the US could massively reduce its CO2 emissions in just 15 years by improving energy transmission and expanding renewables.

Not at Peak Ocean… yet
North Atlantic doubles carbon intake

It’s OK, Superman won’t give you cancer…
X-Rays are safer than you think.

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Interview w/ Dr. Daniel Hummer
Daniel Hummer (Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA) preparing equipment at one of the beamlines at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource, SSRL (in Menlo Park, California, USA) to conduct an experiment crystallizing titanium oxide minerals.

Did you know that we are missing some minerals? 145 carbon minerals to be exact, and the Deep Carbon Observatory is challenging amateur and professional rock-hounds alike to search for them. Dan Hummer is with us tonight to talk about this Carbon Mineral Challenge

This week in Corvids R Smart!
Ravens can sense when the opportunity for spying is available, whether or not there is another bird present. This brings consciousness in birds to a whole new level. You may never watch Hitchcock the same again!

Changing Climate, Changing Animal World
Disrupting bird nest rituals
Spreading diseases year-round to your pets

Out With Old
Using a drug to induce the removal of senescent cells in mice expanded that mouse lifespans by 35%. The next question is whether the method will work in humans.

Newest Diet Trick?
Clean your kitchen! A cluttered kitchen could make you fat!

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