03 July, 2014 – Episode 471 – This Week in Science


Facebook Fail, Viral Responsibility, Genes In Tibet, Shrooms Are Dreamy, Interview w/ Dan Falk – Science of Shakespeare, Plants Have Memory, So Do Fish, Bone Wasp Graves, And Much More…

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Facebook Fail
Facebook research manipulated users without consent.

Flu Virus Creation
A researcher at UW-M reported that he had created a version of the Swine flu that can evade the human immune system.
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From Denisova to Tibet
Tibetans got their altitude perseverence from a Denisovan gene.

Dreaming Awake
fMRI research found primitive brain regions (those active while dreaming) became activated by psilocibin, while centers related to higher thought and self-consciousness were inactivated.

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Interview with Dan FalkThe Science of Shakespeare: A new look at the Playwright’s Universe.

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More Science News:
Plants Have Ears
Arabidopsis plants respond to the sounds of caterpillars chewing by increasing their chemical defenses.

Fish Have Memories, too
Fish remembered where they had found food for up to 12 days in a recent study.

Flowers Blast Birds
A plant found in Central and South America blasts birds with pollen via a complex bellows organ when the animals are foraging.

Bone-house Wasps And Ants
A new species of spider wasp fills an outer vestibule to its nest with dead ants in an effort, researchers think, to protect its young with dead ant smell.

Cassini Pics
Cassini has been taking pictures of Saturn for a decade.

Studying Earth’s Respiration
The OCO-2 was launched this week to observe sources and storage repositories of CO2.

Hubble Finds 2 Kuiper Belt Objects
In an effort to figure out where to send the New Horizons Mission after it leaves Pluto, Hubble imaged the Kuiper Belt and found two potential objects.

Earth-like planet found 16 Light Years Away

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