03 June, 2015 – Episode 517 – This Week in Science


Drain Holes In Brains, Epigenetic Evidence, Evolution News, Rough Rubbers, Local Burning, Fruit Fly Clocks, Bluffing Birdies, Yawning Budgies, Sonic Screw Driver, Fake Chocolate News, Pluto’s Moon, Robo-Cheetah Jumps!, Oversexy Extinction Risk, Pillbugs, Kitties, And Much More…

Disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer
The problems of a world rich with scientific
Are the kinds of problems you want…
Yes global warming is happening and being denied
and yet,
Thanks to science, we know it is occurring.
Yes a government lab accidentally sent
potentially live anthrax samples via regular mail to over 50 labs across the
country and around the world…
But thanks to scientists sending potentially
deadly samples of bacteria safely around the world, we no longer face the
prospects of having them send themselves via us human to human transfer…
Yes there is fierce debate over which direction
we should go in the applying the knowledge we have gained from the decoding of
the genome…
But we have decoded the genome! And will bring
about the next round of evolution thoughtfully… scientifically and occasionally
The future will be full of discovery and
occasional blunder
Not unlike…
This Week in Science
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Drain Holes In Brains
Physiologists have found lymphatic vessels in the meninges of the brain suggesting a mechanism by which some brain disorders might develop.

Epigenetic Evidence
Turns out that epigenetic heritability of traits results from local control of specific genetic factors via the chromatin. An interesting open access study teased various factors apart using fluorescent proteins.

Evolution News
A new 4-legged fossil has paleontologists rethinking the emergence of land animals. Additionally, a new look at dinosaurs suggests that feathers were likely a bird-specific adaptation.

It’s got flashy feathers…
for an early bird.

Rough Rubbers
For making copies of fossils, having the right rubber makes a difference in the accuracy of the replica.

Local burning, Global Warming
Turns out that carbon based energy source you’re using has even more of an effect on the Greenhouse effect than thought.

Fruit flies tell time!
Flies knew which scent led to sugar, depending on the time of day. They could do this in the dark or on a normal light cycle, but were confused when it was perpetually bright out.

Bluffing birds fool potential predators
Brown thornbill mimics fake alarm calls of other species to scare off lesser foes.

Budgies yawn just like us
Parakeets have been shown to yawn contagiously, just like us and our dogs!

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Sonic screw driver
Scientists use sound to swirl water.

Pluto’s moons are crazy
They experience a chaotic orbital dance that works just right for them to avoid destroying one another.

Fake News For You!
A science journalist faked a scientific study on the health benefits of chocolate for a German documentary. We discuss the situation and the fallout for science in general.

This week in World Robot Domination, we bring you a hurdle-jumping robot cat.

Haptic Handshake
In a world first, an astronaut on the International Space Station virtually shook hands with a person on Earth.

Kitty Microbiome Kickstarter
Thanks to Jonathan Eisen at UC Davis for this one! Let’s find out what kittehs are made of!

Pillbugs For Climate!
Turns out that the little balls of fun reduce the prevalence of a greenhouse gas releasing fungus in the detritus layer.

Oversexed marsupials are in danger of extinction
Their unusual method of reproduction makes them extremely vulnerable to current population pressures – but what can we do to stop them?

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