03 May, 2017 – Episode 617 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Science Budget, Cooperative Antibiotic, Cassini Dives, DNA From Dirt, Everybody Poops, Symbiotic Species, New Dino Discovery, Brain Communication, Wine Protection, Two Language Time, And Much More…

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“We have a new technique…”
It’s one of the most exciting phrases…
A cluster of words we love to hear in science…
That eureka moment when a new scientific tool is discovered…
Because a new technique for inquiry…
Hints that hidden knowledge is about to be unveiled…
Is pregnant with the promise of potential discovery…
Should send shivers of anticipation down the spines of any vertebrate science fan…
And just as every discovery in science leads to still further finding farther down the road…
Each new tool of science is just the beginning
of what our research capabilities will be tomorrow…
And while tomorrow is always just a day away
Now is the moment in which you can do
And right now you are about to delve into another exciting cluster of words we call…
This Week In Science…
Coming Up Next…

What has Science Done For me Lately???
“Thanks to science I have allergy medication to relieve my stuffy head and coughing.
Also thanks to science I have clean water to take my pill with”
–David Vaughan

Science Budget
Science actually came out ok in the recent budget deliberations. Thank you, Congress!

Cooperative Antibiotic
Studying fungal species in tandem allowed researchers to discover a potent antibiotic that destroys MRSA.

Cassini Dives
It’s onto dive number two out of 20 for the little space craft that could, as it explores the rings of Saturn.

DNA… from dirt
Technique makes it possible to extract the DNA from hominids preserved in sediments.

Everybody Poops …In 12 seconds.
So says a study with very little data.

Symbiotic Species
What does the salamander gain from having algae in it’s cells?

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New dino discovery
What’s up with this dino’s little arms?

Brain Communication
The thalamus appears to play a necessary role in helping you keep thoughts in your mind.

How wine protects the brain…
indirectly via your gut bacteria!!!

Time For Two Languages
Language affects your perception of time.

3D In Space!
Who won the ISS 3D Design Challenge? engineer Andy Filo won with a design for a femtosatellite launcher.

Artificial Intelligence Reigns Supreme
At least in predicting Supreme Court decisions. An algorithm is now officially better than people at making predictions about the highest court in the US, but not by much.

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