04 October, 2012 – This Week in Science


Babies From Scratch, Dino Talk, Sneaky Banker Squirrels, Homeland Security Tech, Vitamin D Update, Neanderthal Dating Habits, TWIWRD, Some Quick News, And Much More…

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Babies from stem cells!

Duck Billed Dinosaurs had teeth more effective than horses

Tiny Bird Dino

BLair’s Animal Corner
Sneaky Banker Squirrels
Squirrels are excellent bankers, according to new research out of UC Berkeley. Squirrels on their campus have over 1000 hiding places for nuts, and prioritize different stashes for different reasons. Maybe we should put our retirement in the furry hands of a bushy-tailed economist?

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Homeland Security Think Tank Decides which non-existent technology will be most useful in the future

MS and Vitamin D

Humans last got down and dirty with Neanderthals around 47,000 years ago

More human than human

50 hour genome sequencing

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