05 June, 2014 – Episode 467 – This Week in Science


Magnets Vs Gravity, Nerves Talk Immunity, Vulcan Laser Super Nova, Another Moony World, Bees Got Maps, Spiders Play Guitar, Glowing Fungus Bats, Drone Farm, Big Bang Challenged, Autism And Depression, Warmth And Drugs, NSA Tracks You, Charging AntiHydrogen, We Got Teleportation!, And Much More…

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It’s time to explain. Why we do twis. We do it because science is important, and people don’t just want to know, they need to know. Science is important, because it is a quest for knowledge.
WHY IS KNOWLEDGE IMPORTANT?! I’m so glad you asked.
We have an impact on the world around us, sure, but why would we bother to alter things? Why? To fix the problems we’ve made. We care to preserve the world around us, its inner-workings, its splendor, and its function. The more we know, the more we discover how much we are a part of everything around us and that we, in fact, are as dependent on it, as it is on us.
In the words of one of my great idols, Theodore Geisel, aka Dr Seuss himself, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
Those words from 1971 in the Lorax are, in a nutshell, why we do twis. We all need to care a whole awful lot, and we can only care, once we understand.
So, let’s gain some more understanding – shall we?
It’s This Week in Science, coming up next!

Magnets versus gravity
New analysis of black holes suggests that for some magnetic forces might be as important or more so than gravity.

Nerves and immunity get intimate
The immune system talks to the nervous system, specifically the brain, by passing along mRNA via extracellular vesicles.

Vulcan laser super nova
Exactly what it sounds like… on a tabletop.

Traces of another world found on the Moon
Lead researcher, Dr Daniel Herwartz, from the University of Goettingen said, “We have now discovered small differences between the Earth and the Moon. This confirms the giant impact hypothesis.”

Bees don’t use the sun, they make a map!
Previous studies suggest bees use the sun to find their way, but new research suggests there is much more at work.

Spiders can tell what’s in their web by playing it like a guitar
By plucking their web strings after calibratring them, female spiders can figure out sex, species, and more about what is stuck in their web.

Glow-in-the-dark bat signal
Tool for highlighting white nose syndrome diagnoses bats in the wild.

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Drone Farm
Corn farming researchers investigate using drones as agricultural assistants.

Big Bang finding challenged
Two independent analyses propose that the original analysis did not properly account for the confounding effects of galactic dust. That means no evidence against, just no evidence for. One analysis used an updated Planck team increases fraction of polarization caused by dust. Other analysis excluded data on small spatial scales where gravitational lensing mimics gravitational waves.

Autism linked to anti-dep meds

Warmth and MDMA don’t mix

New software can track individuals in a group

Antihydrogen charged!

Teleportation achieved?

University of Michigan will open fake city to test self-driving cars this fall

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