07 November, 2018 – Episode 694 – This Week in Science (TWIS) Podcast


No More Denial, Bionic Mushrooms!, Whales From SPACE!, Piranha Barks, Frogs Legs Forever, Wasting Diversity?, Milky Way’s Black Hole, Speaking of Holes, Blind Big Bird, Llama Bodies, Sliver Of Truth, And Much More…

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Not every moment that passes by us on the carousel of life seems important.
They all are,
they all could be championed to some degree or another,
each tic and every tock could be better engaged to accomplish great things.
But, for the most part they just seem to zip by unnoticed.
every once in a while,
we take on a moment together.
And when we do,
when we all take on a single moment with our collective focus
When we take action together.
We are more effective than any one of us can ever be alone.
I am of course speaking of science.
Though it may apply to other things as well.
Because the moment in which you can do is always now.
And that moment is here on…
This Week in Science,
Coming Up Next…

No More Denial
Well, at least for two years in the House… Democrats gained back the House of Representatives, and in doing so have taken back the House Committee of Science Space and Technology. Ranking member Eddie Bernice Johnson made a statement laying out priorities.

Bionic Mushrooms!
Scientists have engineered a symbiotic system out of photosynthetic cyanobacteria and mushrooms using 3D-printing.

Watching Whales from SPACE!
Our best chance at tracking and monitoring whales might actually be to use satellites. Yes, whales are THAT BIG.

Wanna find some piranha?
Take a listen! New technology will be able to find, track, and estimate population size of piranha just by listening. And I thought fish couldn’t talk!!

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This Week in What Has Science Done for me Lately?!?
“Hey there, writing again over a year after my first entry about Hurricane Harvey.
Today I was sitting in my car, having just picked it up from being repaired after a parking lot fender bender, and was thinking how nice it was to have it back when the “What Has Science Done For Me Lately?” segment came on TWIS. I realized many of the reasons I liked having my own car back was due to science, because it’s a hybrid. Usually gasoline is a rare thought, I stop more at gas stations to grab something from the convenience store then I do to get gas. Even though the rental car was smaller then my hybrid, I was surprised how much I ended up paying attention to the amount of fuel in the tank. Also I found myself a little annoyed of what to me were the odd sounds in made in the parking garage at my apartment, as I’ve grown so accustomed to the near silence of my car running entirely off of battery power at low speeds. Additionally, my place of employment offers preferred parking for hybrid and electric cars, which means normally I get a space that is very close to the building. This week without my hybrid I had to search the far reaches of the parking lot for a spot, and more then once got drenched in the rain going to or from the further away parking.
So thank you Science, to all the chemists, material scientists, engineers, and many more, who make it possible for me to have a hybrid car that is I enjoy.
PS In the next year I plan I buying my own home, so unlike at my current apartment, I’ll have easy access to an electric outlet from where I park my car, which will allow me to get a plug-in hybrid or fully electric car when my current hybrid needs replacement.
–Jay Schneiderman”

Frogs Legs Forever
Using a pregnancy hormone, researchers have enabled the regrowth of frog’s limbs, and think they can make it work in humans, too.

This week in sea star wasting disease
The plot thickens, and it is all about the microbiome!!

Milky Way’s Black Hole
It exists!

Speaking of Holes
Astronomers reported discovering black hole mergers in multiple galaxies.

Elephant bird was blind as a bat
And by blind as a bat, I mean they had poor eyesight. Because they weren’t blind, just nocturnal. And also bats aren’t either…. oh nevermind……

Llama Bodies
Llama’s might help us fight the flu. Who knew?

Sliver Of Truth
It might be aliens, but that doesn’t mean it is.

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