08 May, 2014 – This Week in Science


Essential Megafauna, Swearing Emotions, CO2 Bad!, National Climate Assessment, XNA Lives!, Smart Genes, Recycled Blood, Old Mice Young Blood, Brainy Circuits, Acid Test Failure, Winning at RPS, Deflectors Up, And Much More…

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CO2 is bad
… for your food.

Megafauna aren’t just awesome to look at
… they are essential to the ecosystem.

Swearing is an emotional language

White House Releases 3rd National Climate Assessment
What does the White House think is going on with climate in the United States? It’s all in the National Climate Assessment. We talked with the NCSE‘s Mark McCaffrey about the implications of the report.

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XNA makes it into national consciousness
Synthetic DNA works! … in bacteria… grown in special media… no, it’s not going to take over the world.

Recycled Blood
Using patients own lost and recycled blood is better than banked blood in a transfusion.

Old mice benefit from young blood
And, from a specific protein called GDF11, which improved cognitive function and muscle strength in older mice.

Smart genes
Really, 20% of the population has a gene that makes them smarter than everyone else.

Taking an acid bath…
Stem cell study fails peer repeatability test.

Brainy circuit board

Winning at RPS

Brain implant for memory

Star Wars deflector shield possible… possibly

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