11 February, 2015 – Episode 501 – This Week in Science


What’s In A Core?, Dark Mystery Galaxy?, Dark Matter Heart?, Not-So Bloody Past, Bloody Pests, Gator Blood, Cuddly Crocs, Cat Boxes, Human Cockroaches, Smoking Gun, Meditate On It, Sleep On It, Driving Stoned, Child Bee Labor, Rocktopus, Mr. Right Now, And Much More…

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I shot an arrow into the air
It fell to earth I knew not where
For so swiftly it flew, the sight
Could not follow it in its flight
The words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
over a hundred years ago…
a 22-story tall rocket shot into the air from Cape Canaveral…
The Falcon
9 sending supplies and late Christmas gifts to the International Space station
As well
as the deploying the Deep Space Climate Observatory, DSCOVR
Which, amongst other things, will be
taking Earth selfies every few hours…
While this mission alone is an impressive
feat carried out by private company SpaceX
Another major portion of their mission
had to be abandoned…
They intended to catch the arrow when
it landed, the first stage booster rockets anyhow… paving the way for cheaper
launches in the future
Three story waves on the landing
platform prevented that from happening this time
But there has never been a sea rough
enough to stop…
This week in science
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What’s In A Core?
Using seismic waves travelling through the Earth, Chinese scientists have discovered that the core of the Earth has an inner core. Now we have to differentiate between the outer-inner core and the inner-inner core to determine the history of our planet.

Dark Mystery Galaxy?
The discovery of four cepheid variables, or large, pulsating stars along the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy has allowed a team of researchers to confirm that our galaxy is orbited by a dwarf dark matter galaxy.

Dark Matter Heart?
Modeling the motion of the gas and stars in the Milky Way, it has been confirmed that dark matter must make up a large portion of the inner galaxy.

Not-so bloody past – Evolution
Viral evidence suggests we didn’t follow a particularly bloody evolutionary path.

Bloody pests don’t like parasites
Mosquitoes put up an immune response after feeding on blood.

Put some gator blood on it

Crocs just wanna cuddle and play!
For the first time, cros have shown to exhibit all three types of “play” categorized and defined in the animal kingdom. Play is often associated with intelligence (or so I keep telling my boss…).

Cats have been proven to exhibit less stress when provided a box. Not just a hiding place, but also a vantage point and an aid in body temperature regulation. So, that is why your cat is so darn encourageable around packing materials!

Cockroaches have personality… Awwww!
Cockroaches exhibit different personalities and strategies in laboratory scenarios – some flee when the lights get switched on, others linger, and they even alter their tactic when in a group. See? They are adorable!

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Smoking Gun
Smoking is bad for your brain.

Meditate On It
But, meditation is good!

Then Sleep On It
And, no one is debating the benefits of a good nap.

Driving stoned
It’s better than being drunk… maybe.

Child Bee Labor
Young bees forced to work might compound the damages of colony collapse disorder.

Rocket Octopus
A robotic underwater rocket balloon has been developed based on the propulsion of octopuses.

You might be better off with “Mr. Right Now.”
Says evolution…

Smiley from space
Scientists say it is a galaxy cluster, but I choose to believe it is actually the universe smiling at me. Right back at ya, buddy!
Don’t forget what it shows us!
Massive gravitational lensing.

Dragon Capsule Returns

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