11 November, 2015 – Episode 540 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Pluvian Ice Volcanoes?,Far-out Planetoid, Martian Offgassing, Magic Thinking, Self-Cleaning Animals, Sexy Sons, Hunger Memories, Dispersing The Microbes, What Is Beauty?, Sea Salt Sampling, Micro-Fluids For Brains, Trident Launch, No Alien Signals, Crow Cooler, And Much More…

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There are many mysteries of the universe that we have yet to crack.
There are also mysteries we have cracked wide open through science…
And despite what certain candidates for president of the United States might think…
Global warming is really occurring, and really is man made…
Vaccines do not cause autism…
The big bang is not a fairy tale invented to counter the story of creation…
Evolution happened, happens even today…
and to the best of my knowledge,
the theory was not encouraged by the Devil…
though I don’t have the direct line to know such things…
and the pyramids were not built as grain silos…
And while the majority of candidates find themselves in
conflict with science on one, or two, or even a multitude of issues…
It is important to remember that knowledge is power…
And if the leader of the free world denies the evidence acquired by knowledge,
the free world will be less powerful…
Whether the free people of the free world make good choices
in the next election is a matter to be determined,
in the meantime we will focus on making you more powerful
as we fill your head with knowledge on
This Week in Science…
Coming up next…

Pluvian Ice Volcanoes?
They aren’t confirmed yet, but images suggest that the surface of Pluto is marked by giant ice volcanoes.

Far-out Planetoid
Astronomers reported finding that most distant object in our solar system, named V774104. More observation is needed to determine its orbit, which will inform the scientists about not only its origins, but the formation of our system.

Martian Offgassing
Solar winds wick away the Martian atmosphere, according to a new analysis of MAVEN data.

Magical thinking
A new look at magical thinking in people determines that there are two processes at work in our psyche when we decide to believe the irrational: detection and correction. So, you might realize that your belief is superstition, but you might not do anything to change it.

How to clean a fruit fly
Animal surface area and how they stay so clean.

Which came first? The sexy son or the monotone mother?
Sexual selection is most likely not the whole story when it comes to colorful plumage in perching birds. Did the drab become beautiful, or the other way around?

From hardship comes obesity – at least for birds
Birds that had a hard time getting enough as chicks were more likely to binge on food when available. Could this be true for our impoverished citizens who can often exhibit poor food choices?

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Dispersants meant to stimulate microbial crude oil degradation… fail
The data suggests that dispersants significantly decrease the native microbial populations.

What Is Beauty?
Researchers attempt to quantify astethic beauty in an effort to determine health of coral ecosystems.

Sea Salt Sampling
Sea salts available for sale in China are contaminated with microplastics.

Micro Fluids
Using a spiraling micro-fluidic cell sorting system, researchers were able to isolate neural stem cells for the first time. This will allow research on this type of cell without reliance on an embryonic source for the cells.

Trident Launch
Rather than a UFO, a trident missile launch threw people into a tizzy.

No Alien Signals
After listening to distant star, SETI found no evidence of alien activity that would suggest a megastructure built by an advanced civilization.

Crows gather ’round the water cooler
Or, rotting log, as the case may be…

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