12 July, 2017 – Episode 627 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Interview w/ Dr. Jens Foell, Death On Mars, Red Spot Images, Photon To Earth, Savage Snail Shells, Spider Ant, Quarreling Scientists, Melting, Death, Fix It, And Much More…

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The spider was in love with its neighbor
Turned out it was ants
With very nice pants
So spider of course copied the behavior…
No, this is not the limerick version of this show
But, I’ll have you know
We do love the science
Which founded many an appliance
So, off to the races we go…
This Week in Science
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This Week in What Has Science Done For Me Lately…
“Hi Dr. KiKi, Justin and Blair!
Just writing in to share what science has done for me lateleyyyyyyyyy! Today while doing some dishes I had a burnt pan that I couldn’t seem to scrape clean. Thankfully, I know a thing or two about chemistry and knew that if I heated super concentrated salt water in my pan, it would cause a reaction, lifting the burnt particles from the surface of my pan for an easy clean! Nothing monumental, but it just goes to show how science can and is used in our daily lives!
Good Science!”
— Minion Carlee Koritkowski

Interview w/ Dr. Jens Foell
Jens studied psychology in Tübingen, Germany, and then did his doctorate in neuropsychology at the University of Heidelberg on the ways that phantom pain therapy affects the brain. He is currently studying several topics at Florida State University; But above all, he is interested in how to recognize the fundamentals and components of psychopathy in the brain. He is also interested in science communication, and co-founded the German arm of RealScientists, a group dedicated to giving a platform to scientists to tell the world about their work.

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Death On Mars
Ummm… yeah. About that life on Mars idea… might have hit a stumbling block.

Red Spot Images
Juno has sent back it’s first images from its Monday fly-over Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, and they are amazing.

Photon To Earth
Chinese scientists, using the Micius quantum satelitte and quantum entanglement, successfully transmitted information about a photon in space to a photon on Earth instantaneously. This paves the way for space-based quantum internet development.

Savage snail shells
Snail shells don’t just provide protection from predators and the elements, it turns out they also trap and kill parasites! Now that’s thinking outside of the box… or shell…?

What’s that old adage about a spider with it’s front legs in the air?
Oh right, it is mimicing an ant so as to sneak up and eat them!

Quarreling scientists
It would appear the jury is still out on whether monkeys could talk. I guess we’ll just have to figure out how to do a practical test!

We knew it was going to break off eventually, but the largest remaining ice shelf on the Antarctic peninsula, called Larsen C, finally calved and entered the ocean sometime between Monday and Wednesday of this week. The question now if whether this bodes for further collapse of the peninsula.

It’s the Earth’s 6th mass extinction. According to a new analysis animals are dropping like flies around the world.

Fix It.
The best way to reduce your CO2 emissions? Have fewer kids. Also, don’t drive, fly, or eat meat.

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