13 September, 2012 – This Week in Science


Making Memories, Finding The Trace, Viral Tree Discovery, Deaf Gerbils, Ibuprofen Threatens Hearing, Smart Sharks, A New Monkey, Genome Uses, Physics Gets Weird, Stem Cell Protection, TWIWRD, And Much More…

Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!!
the wonderful world we live in is populated, largely it sometimes seems, with people who are determined to make misery out of their company…
Whether through radicalized religious actions of the few, or the political propaganda of prejudices put forth as a party platform for the masses…
Hatred, violence and righteous ignorance seem to abound around the world as a seemingly inexhaustible supply of ill-conceived thinking that serves no greater purpose than to sustain itself by inflicting suffering on humanity and inviting the same in return…
And since the company you keep says a lot about who you are…
The company of mankind defines us all, in some cosmic sense…
the good, the bad, the woefully ignorant and the wickedly brilliant alike…
What separates the terrorist from the string theorist, the dictator from the doctor of science…
How do we keep ourselves separated from the miserable ruiners of reason
From the inexplicably enthusiastic extinguishers of enlightened logic
From the emotionally enslaved worshipers of medieval dogma dedicated to the extinction of intellectual pragmatism…
What can we do to keep our minds out of the muck and mire these silly humans would have us wallow in?
What would we do if not for… This Week in Science… coming up next.

Making Memories
Researchers at Case Western Reserve of Medicine have been working with the brain to figure out the mechanisms of short-term memory. They discovered that each cell in the hippocampus held a specific memory for up to ten seconds when stimulated with electrical current. Could this lead to short-term memory restoration in humans?

Finding The Trace

Virus discovery messes with our family tree

Why you should care about deaf gerbils
Stem cell research with deaf gerbils provide hope for stem cell therapy in deaf humans. Why gerbils and not mice, you ask? I don’t know, but they’re so adorable…

Ibuprofen could make you deaf
In a study of almost 30,000 women results pointed to a possible link between taking ibuprofen two days a week and hearing loss later in life. That headache may be rough, but is getting rid of it worth your ability to hear in fifty years?

BLair’s Animal Corner
Sharks: Not only deadly, but smart.
In a recent controlled experiment lemon sharks exhibited social learning. Researchers trained some sharks to perform a specific behavior to get a treat, and then put sharks ignorant to the behavior in a tank with the trained sharks. The naive sharks quickly caught on and performed the behavior, even once isolated from the trained sharks. Uh oh… what will helpless swimmers do once sharks have learned to work together?!

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A new monkey

We only use 1% of our Genome, or do we?
10,000 genes described!

Physics Gets Weirder

Protect your stem cells during radiation therapy!

Remote-controlled Cockroaches

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