15 June, 2016 – Episode 571 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Interview with RobotGrrl Erin Kennedy re: Robot Missions, New MS Treatment, Gravitational Waves, Hobbit Update, LED free cows, CO2 + Volcanic Rocks = Awesome, New Improved Meteorite, Seeing Exoplanets, Rewarding Empathy, Venus Pictures, Penis Bones, Brainy Birds, And Much More…

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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!
No matter how long this old world keeps spinning round…
There are somethings that will never change…
Like how untrue the last statement is…
For eventually nothing stays the same…
And while change comes even to those who wait…
Waiting around is not the science-y way…
So each day scientists set out to change what we know about…
well, everything.
And once a week we get together with a fresh list of what new things scientists have discovered
that will forever change how we see the world around us…
Here on This Week in Science…
Coming up next!

Interview with @RobotGrrl, Erin Kennedy, roboticist extraordinaire who is on a mission to help the world with robots, and to show the world that anyone can make robots that matter. Check out her Robot Missions!

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New MS Treatment
Stem cells are treating MS!

Gravitational Waves!
More of them!

Hobbit update
Hobbitses had little ancestors!

LED free cows
Well, milk…

Molecular Handedness
Distant complex molecules have been found in a gas cloud near the Milky Way’s black hole that could give clues to the preferences of life.

CO2 + Volcanic Rocks = Awesome
Let’s put gas in the ground.

It came from space!!!
A new type of meteorite found.

Seeing Exoplanets
Is getting more and more amazing…

Empathy can be rewarding…

Images From Venus
The Japanese space probe is finally sending miages back to Earth, and they are wonderful.

Penis Bones
Evolved many times.

Brainy Birds
They have more neurons.

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