15 November, 2012 – This Week in Science


SUSY Loses Support, Mice Sniffing Bombs, Fairy Wren Secrets, Total Solar Eclipse, A Wandering Planet, No Mo Cow Pee, Rocket Legs, And Much More…

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Punching the Physics Heavy Bag

BLair’s Animal Corner
Israeli mice sniffing bombs
Mice in Israel have been trained to sniff out potential security threats. A blast of air blows a person’s scent to a chamber with trained mice inside. If the mice smell something suspicious, they congregate in the “reporting compartment.” Now that’s an upgrade from a bomb sniffing dog – isn’t it?

Fairy-wren chicks have to pass a test for food
A fairy-wren is taught a single note from their mother that functions like a password for food. Cuckoos will attempt to act as parasites, but this system works as a fail-safe so the mother doesn’t feed the invading chicks. Now that’s fitness!

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A Wandering Planet

No Cow Pee For Me

World Robot domination

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