16 March, 2016 – Episode 558 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


High Energy Particles, Protein Puzzles, Illinois Sea Monster, Presidential Speech, Interview w/ Liz Warren re: Humans In Space, Pandas Do It Wrong, Frog Directions, Stork Junkies, Microbial Resistance, Plant Eating Spiders, Alpha Go Wins!, And Much More!

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High Energy Particles
An experiment analyzing cherenkov radiation in out atmosphere has discovered the source of incredibly high energy cosmic radiation in our galaxy – SgrA, the massive black hole that lies at its center.

Protein Puzzles
Researchers are puzzling through the biochemistry of proteins, and a new study uses a new mathematical tool paired with traditional biochemistry experiments to pin-point important amino acid sequnces influencing the structure and function of the dopamine 2 receptor.

Speaking Like a President?
Presidential speak is geared for junior high level comprehension

The Tully Monster Existed!
Sea Monster stalking Illinois for the past 60 years has been identified

Interview with Liz Warren from NASA, who works on science on the ISS.

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Another way Pandas are doing it wrong
Females won’t stay in one place, and therefore make it even harder for males to find them and perpetuate the species…

Frogs with an interesting sense of direction
Females remember just where their eggs were, but males play the odds, assuming all the eggs in their territory are theirs!

Adaptable Or Not?
A tale of different creatures is playing out before our eyes. In one study, we find that storks, known for long migration routes, are choosing to stay home for the winter as a result of the combination of climate change and human created landfills. The birds have adapted to a situation we created, but will they continue to adapt as we change it further.

A second study finds that microbes in soil are not as adaptable as we have surmised, and were unable to change their respiration rates in response to a change in climate over a 17 year period. This raises questions for agriculture and ecosystems as climate around the world undergoes change.

Control Factors
A landmark study investigating genetic versus epigenetic factors in obesity and inheritance found that epigenetics are highly influential in offspring responses to diet.

Spiders eat plants!
Does that make them less scary?? No?? Bummer

Would you play a video game with an Orangutan?
Interactive video games could help enrich primates’ lives, and potentially give us a new avenue for communication!

Alpha Go Recap
Holy SkyNet, Batman!

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