17 April, 2014 – Episode 460 – This Week in Science


Science And Future, Climate Options Report, New Habitable Earth?, Teenage Menace, Smelly Lemurs, Identical Smells, Mussel Egg Smell, Mimic One Trait, Neander Shushing, Rage Against Machines, Greenland Was Green, A Historical Gut, And, Much More…

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This Week in Science
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Public Science Opinions
A new Pew research survey is out, and it looks like people are really into what science and tech have to offer, but are afraid that we will let it take over our lives.

What to do about climate change?
The IPCC has released the final chapter in its report, which lays out options that public officials have to enable a 2 degree decrease in global temperature by century’s end.

New habitable Earth?
An Earth-sized planet has been found by Kepler in the habitable zone of a distant star.

Menace to society
How do we get teenaged drivers to be less distracted while behind the wheel. A new study shows that people really have no idea.

Smelly Stuff!
Lemurs can match a scent to a voice!
Twins smell the same.
Invertebrates foreshadow their children’s fitness with the pheremones on their eggs

It’s not how good your mimicry is, it’s how you use it…
Predators single out certain aspects of animals to indicate they are not worht trying to eat. So maybe you don’t resemble a poisonous bug at all, but if you are the right color, you’re golden!

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Neander shushing
Humans shared most of our genome with Neanderthals. However, research into the epigenome suggests that which very different gene populations were turned on or off in our ancestral cousins.

Rage Against The Machine
Researchers used a frustrating task to locate the “rage circuit” in our brains. Also, frustration during game play leads to aggression by players, not necessarily aggressive content.

Greenland was green
… once.

Finding A Historical Gut
Researchers from Duke University find that a non-industrial tribal group called the Hazda have a drastically different gut microbiota than what is currently considered normal for Westerners.

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