22 March, 2012 – This Week in Science


Looking At Mercury, Making Memory, Just Replace X With Bear, Jumping Plankton, Vaccinating Men, How Biologists Kill, TWIWRD!, And Much More…

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The following hour of programming may not be suitable for audiences of all ideologies.
If you are allergic to critical thinking
If you have false beliefs that cannot be refuted by facts
If you think global warming, dinosaurs, evolution, carbon dating, physics, math and big science-y jargon words are all make-ity-up ways for people in lab coats to cash in on free government grants…
Then this program may not be for you… although for your own sake, you should probably tune in more often and pay closer attention than anyone else…
While on occasion even the most scientific hipster may break out in mental heebeejeebee’s
The less science minded listener will still find plenty of mental candy to nibble on in each and every episode of
This week in science…
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Looking at Mercury
“Even weirder than we thought.” The pock-marked surface of Mercury would not appear to have very much going on underneath it. However, this planet is like an onion – many layers…

Mercury might not be too hot for polar ice. Let me say that again, polar ice on Mercury…

Whose memory is it anyway?
Scientists at the Scripps Institute have successfully harnessed neurons in mouse brains. This could lead to control over people’s memories.

Black Bear – the new X-Man:
Bears heal themselves, kill infections, eliminate scarring, and even grow new hair follicles while they hibernate. If scientists can figure how, it could lead to huge advances in the medical field. Now, if they could just give one an adamantium skeleton…

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Flying Plankton, Batman!
Copepods “catch some air” to escape predatory fish. Anomalocera ornata both in the wild and in a lab can kick back with their legs and pull their antennae back, pulling them straight out of the water for a distance a few times their body length. Radical!

Vaccinating Men
A study of health care providers in the Boston area proved that most would suggest male vaccination for HPV, but only 3% of them offered it. Will men be willing to get a vaccine for something that effects their sexual partners, but not themselves?

How biologist kill
A herpetologist was devastated to find a species of Newt he had previously discovered being sold in marketplaces as pets. Would it be right to withhold information from the public about new species in order to protect them?

World Robot Domination!!!
The immortal robojelly? American researchers have created a “robojelly.” It mimics the movement of a jellyfish in water, and runs off of chemical reactions on its surface. It could potentially never run out of energy, as long as it stays in water.

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