27 September, 2012 – This Week in Science


French Science Scandal, Let Teens Sleep!, X-Men Mice, Putting The Male In Female, Vesta Rocks, Looking at Life, And Much More…

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French GMO research scandal!

Teens have yet another reason to sleep in!
An extra hour of sleep in your teens could prevent diabetes by lowering insulin resistance.

BLAIR – BLair’s Animal Corner
X-Men MIce?
African spiny mice have adapted to slough off large chunks of their skin to evade predators – what’s shocking (and a little creepy) is that they often regrow the skin – hair folicles and all – scar-free. It turns out that these mice actually produce what is called a “regeneration hub” or “blastema,” which is essentially a bundle of stem cells. This discovery may lead to medial breakthroughs in the future, which begs the question, who wouldn’t want the regenerative powers of Wolverine???

The male in female

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Asteroids with stretchmarks may need some cocobutter…

Taking a look at life

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