28 January, 2015 – Episode 499 – This Week in Science


Cold Fish, Topping Off Telomeres, It’s No Yolk, Girl gone wild, God damned grades, Thumbs up, Lucid And Aware, Cagey Cougars, Mystery Goo, Cichlid Flockers, Big Bada Boom, Space Abounds, And Much More…

Disclaimer Disclaimer
following program is not what you expect.
This is an occupation
of the mind…
While your
thoughts made this occupation possible…
What follows
is an involuntary flow of images and ideas…
That will
rush past brain filters and directly stimulate neural activity
Creating a
lucid waking state of sub conscious knowledge.
A heightened
state of scientific awareness that may seem subtle in mundane situations…
You may have no awareness that your brain has been activated in this way…
Until unavoidable
mental symptoms manifest as spontaneous insights into the current trends of
scientific inquiry
Often occurring
once the stimulating situation of science-y conversation is encountered…
There is no
further action you are required to make at this time…
listen, learn, and await further instruction as we occupy your mind here on
This week in
Science… coming up next

Cold Fish
Fish found living beneath Ross Ice shelf in Antarctica surprise researchers by their presence.

Topping Off Telomeres
Scientists have found a way to extend telomeres, which are related to cellular life-span, in cells cultured in petri dishes. The finding could lead to treatments for aging-related diseases and influence life-extension itself.

It’s No Yolk
Chemists have created a device that unfurls tangled proteins. Their first proof-of-concept was to uncook the proteins in an egg.

Girls gone wild… about science
Global boy vs. girl who’s smarter study suggests girls are leading the pack in most of the world, aside from economically developed countries where boys score more highly.

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God damned grades
God’s message, tune in, turn on, drop out. Religious individuals considered “biblical literalists” are less likely to go to college or complete it than non-literalists.

Thumbs up… for australopithecus
3 million year old tool user???!!! New evidence validates the idea that human ancestor was using tools well before the emergence of the Homo genus.

Lucid dreaming and self awareness are linked
Lucid dreamers were found to have a larger anterior prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain highly implicated in self-reflection and other conscious cognitive processes.

Mystery Goo Killing Bay Area Birds
The death toll is up to 200, with over 300 injured and in expert care. The list of what it isn’t is growing, but we still don’t have any idea what it is…

Cougars Kill more around people (no, just deer)
Female Pumas kill a lot more deer when they are in suburban areas. This is most likely due ot the fact that they abandon prey or kill sites before they get their fill, due to fear of humans.

Cichlids of a feather flock together
Cichlid sisters hang out together, to protect their genes. The males do not venture as far away from their hatching site (the opposite of most species) and so they are at less danger than females. Since females go so far, they like to hedge their bets with keeping close DNA nearby.

Bears are a necessity!
Bears keep entire habitats in check, just by eating ants. Without population control for the ants, it creates a chain reaction that wreaks havoc on all flora and fauna there.

Asteroid Moon
The most recent asteroid to pass by Earth has it’s own moon.

Bigger impact than we thought
The crater from a meteor impact was recently determined to be larger than previously thought by a substantial amount, and took place during a time after the beginning of complex life on Earth. So, might we find these fish fossils on the moon? Probably not, but the Earth has definitely ejected a large amount of material into space over the years.

Rings Around A Planet
A massive ring system has been described around an exo-planet called J1407b that is probably 200 times larger than Saturn’s.

Planet Formation Is Old
An 11.2 BILLION years old star orbited by Earth-sized planets has been discovered, suggesting that this kind of planet formation has been going on throughout the history of the universe. We want to know where the aliens are.

Psychopaths Are Different
An fMRI study compared the brains and behavior of psychopathic violent offenders to non-psychopathic offenders and non-offenders, finding that psychopaths have organizational differences in the parts of their brains related to emotion, self-control, reward processing, and learning that likely underlie deficits in ability to learn from punishment.

Smells So Warm
Incensole acetate, a compound isolated from Frankinsense, activates ion channels in mammals known to be involved in the feeling of warmth in the skin. Additionally, it activated areas of the mouse brain known to be involved in emotion processing and targets for anti-depressants.

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