29 August, 2013 – Episode 429 – This Week in Science


Zombie Octopus Arms, Spider In Da Haus, Freeze Dried Sperms, Born Fishy, And Much More…

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Who’s the zombie now?!

Blair’s Animal Corner
Citizen Science – for Spiders!
“Spider in da Haus” is an app for UK residents to help scientists track house spider populations. Does it count if you squish it out of fear first?

Freeze-dried animal sperm?!
This may be the answer to all extinction, or, as the Japanese scientist who’s behind this says, it may be the kay to colonizing new planets. But, do we really want either?

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Fish leaders are born that way
Fish that show leadership tendencies could be taught to follow, but follower fish could not be taught to lead. That’s right, it wasn’t your fault you lost the presidency in fifth grade, you just weren’t born a leader…

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