29 December, 2011 – This Week in Science


Merry TWISmas And A Happy New Year! TWIS Recaps The Top 11 Science Stories Of 2011…

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On this week’s show: we have 11 stories. The science stories that we feel are the cream of the crop from the past year… the TWIS Top 11.

Number 11:
– Quantum teleportation
light from nothing

Number 10:
– The fight against aging, or The year of the vampire

Number 9:
The fight against diseases!!!
– HIV antiretroviral treatment
– Malaria vaccine
– MIT universal virus cure
– avian flu fiasco
– Black death bacteria identified

Number 8:
– Fracking

Number 7: Taking a new look
– The Big Splat
Dark matter
– New standard candle
– hayabusa

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Number 6:
– robots replacing us (Watson, lab AI, hypothesis generator)
– or, the robots will be us – – carbon nanotubes make synapse… bionics…

Number 5:
– Humans did it –
– microbiome

Number 4: The Earth…
– Arctic sea ice loss
– Extreme weather

Number 3:
– LHC finds a particle … and the search for the Higgs
– Trapping antimatter

Number 2:
– Potentially FTL neutrinos

Number 1: Planets
– Kepler and Earthlike (potentially habitable) planets
– Mercury Messenger
– New Dawn

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