30 August, 2012 – This Week in Science


Denisovan Genome, Bad Monogamy, In Your Face!, Slug Sex, Super Old Beliefs, TWIWRD, Shrew Senses, Blowing Smoke, Eat For Life, Eye Indicators, Bears And Blood, And Much More…

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Denisovan Genome!
A small bone fragment estimated 74,000 to 82,000 years old has given us the most clear view of this extinct human species’ genome. Additionally, it appears that they bred with both Neanderthals and Homo sapiens.

Monogamy is bad for you
More “proMOUSEcuous” mice have better immune systems. The bacterial communities within the females’ reproductive tract varied greatly between the monogamous and polygamous mice.

In Your Face!!!
Mites living in your pores may be causing rosacea by depositing fecal material on your face. They don’t defecate, though, instead they mate on your face while you sleep and then crawl into your pores to deposit eggs and die. Stress makes mite food on your face, and increases mite activity, therefore potentially causing a flare-up. Talk about a positive feedback loop…

BLair’s Animal Corner
Traumatic Insemination Fun for Hermaphroditic Slugs!
When you are a hermaphroditic sea slug, it pays to be the male. Females are stabbed and injected with prostate fluid, then penetrated with a barbed penis that rips at their insides. This would lead scientists to believe that these sea slugs would only play the female when absolutely necessary, however, recent research tells us that the slugs will mate far more often than is necessary. Those slugs are into some kinky stuff…

A Nasal Spray for Suicide
Thyrotropin-releasing hormone, a naturally occurring hormone, could prevent suicide. The Army is currently funding the research.

$1Mil for Tesla
A Tesla museum is on the way! $1 million has been raised so far for this house of science!

Bill Nye in Creationist Soup
The Science Guy came out this week stating that creationism should not be taught in the classroom. You go, Bill!

Neil Armstrong RIP
August 25, 2012 marked the passing of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. Truly a visionary, legend, and pioneer, he will be missed.

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Supernatural beliefs increase with age
New research indicates that supernatural explanations for events are not replaced by scientific explanations with an increase in knowledge, education, or technology, and in fact, supernatural beliefs often increase with age. What’s more, a large percentage of survey participants merge scientific and supernatural theories to explain things away.

World Robot Domination
A Light Twitch
Scientists at MIT have used techniques developed for optogenetics to move muscle using light.

A Shrew’s Sense
European researchers have developed touch sensors by modeling the behavior of shrews. These little mammals have amazing sensory abilities through their whiskers, soon potentially harnessed by our robot overlords.

Hookah: No better than cigarettes
New research indicates that water pipe smoking affects lung and respiratory functions as much as cigarette smoking. It’s official: smoking = bad.

Weed smoking decreases adolescents’ IQ
Those who partook in marijuana use in their adolescent years proved to have reduced IQ and brain development, in a new study out of New Zealand.

Don’t Starve Yourself
Calorie restriction has long been known to extend lifespan. In a recent study with Macaques looking at long-term health benefits of calorie restriction, the restricted monkeys did not live significantly longer. So, don’t neglect yourself of that cake to live longer, do it to be healthy.

Eye movements could indicate neurological disorders
Observing eye movements in patients while watching TV could help to diagnose neurological disorders such as ADHD, FASD, and PD.

Bears and Menstruation: Not Necessarily so Dangerous
Apparently, grizzly bears and black bears have no interest in your menstrual cycle. However, polar bears are a whole ‘nother story…

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