9 March, 2022 – Episode 866 – What is the Secret to Longevity?


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This Week: Science Headlines, Hybrid Genes & Mammoth Things, Napping Sharks, Mice Aging Cured, Jay Learning, 10-Legged Octopus?, Animal Sounds, Stormwater Emissions, Shackleton’s Ship!, Worm Decisions, Aging Brains, And Much More…

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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!!

When it comes to the crossroads of science and geopolitics
Scientists have a long tradition of ignoring politics
and borders
and cultural differences.
Because whatever conflicts governments engage in
Science is founded on collaboration –
A mutual interest in knowledge, discovery,
and the furthering of science for the betterment of all humanity.
Nothing should interfere with that,
And few things do.
One thing that does…
Bombs dropped on towns full of humans.
The senseless brutality of the recent Russian attack on civilians in Ukraine
Has galvanized many in the scientific community
To cut ties with colleagues, organizations and projects connected to Russia.
MIT has ended it’s partnership with a university in Moscow,
which MIT started.
The Alliance of Science Organizations in Germany,
which funds research,
will no longer collaborate with Russian researchers.
There are journals that will no longer publish research from scientists at Russian institutions.
While CERN and ITER have yet to expel Russian researchers,
institutions across Europe and the US are looking for ways to distance their projects from the Russian state.
And to be clear, there are Russian scientists who are speaking out against the war.
A letter signed by more than 5,000 scientists, including 85 members of the Russian Academy of Sciences called the attack an unjustifiable war for “geopolitical ambitions”.
While we should always treat scientific exchanges differently than soccer matches, cultural pageantry and financial transactions…
because science is again, at its core is an effort of collaboration towards global knowledge…
It is hard to maintain that spirit of cooperation
when bombs are being dropped on towns full of humans,
and while other fellow researchers are fighting or fleeing for their lives.
But we should.
If only to show the rest of the world that working together
across borders, across cultures,
despite geopolitics, and in some cases, in defiance of them,
Is not only possible,
But necessary for
This Week in Science
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Some quick science news to give you the secret to Longevity!

Quick Headline Stories!
Pig heart transplant patient has died after only two months.
Responding to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine
NASA won the Congressional budget lottery in budget allotments for the SLS, Earth-observations, & LEO projects

A new approach to bring back extinct creatures!
It’s more about creating hybrids than bringing them back.

Awwwwww napping sharks!
News flash, sharks nod off!

Mice Aging Cured!
But, if you really want to live longer, get a dog or ask a yellow-bellied marmot.

What do you call a ten-legged octopus?
I guess we kinda need to know if it is an Octopus and if it really has ten legs.

Jay Learning
Scrub jays don’t learn the same as Mexican Jays, but they aren’t all that different either.


It’s time for Blair’s Animal Corner!

Pig grunts
Do you know what your bacon is saying? Some day, the farmer may….

Fish boops
Did you know fish could talk? No, I’m not talking about Nemo….

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What science news does Justin have?

Stormwater Ponds
What panda, Bigfoot, and Egypt all have in common with Florida?

100 Year search finally pays off
Lost Shackleton ship found off the Antarctic coast.

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Let’s finish strong with more science from Dr. Kiki!

Worm Decisions
Nematodes discriminate between predation and territoriality.

>Aging Brains
Are tribal groups really less likely to get dementia or Alzheimer’s? Or is it just sampling bias?

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