01 November, 2012 – This Week in Science


Population Explosion, Sneaky Macaque Sex, Tough Crabs, Penis Worms, Lasers Break Habits, Space News Bits, And Much More…

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Population Explosion! and related Reddit Discussion

BLair’s Animal Corner
Macaque sex can be sneaky…
Alpha-male and female macaques do their best to keep lower-ranking monkeys from anything fun, including sex. However, when they aren’t looking, those low-ranking monkeys take advantage, big time. New research out of the Netherlands suggest that this behavior is not tactical for premeditated, but instead these horny monkeys are just capitalizing on an opportunity that presents itself.

It’s tough out there for a crab…
Some animals form social groups for protection, others to improve food collection, but land-based hermit crabs do it so they can take advantage of each-other. These hermit crabs “remodel” the empty snail shells they live in by hollowing them out, but they are often evicted by other crabs when their remodel is complete by another crab who fancies it, leaving them vulnerable to predators.

Penis Worms

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Breaking Habits With Lasers

Balancing Empathy and Logic

Curiosity Analyzes Chemicals
Dust Mote in Sauron’s Eye Returns
Voyager Gets Wacky

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