08 April, 2015 – Episode 509 – This Week in Science


Mixed Up Moon, Lunar Lava Tubes, Martian Glacier Belts, Baby Scientists, Blind Rat Nav, The Prostate Finger, Directional Bees, Bronto’s Back! , Interview w/ Zach Marshall about ATLAS and LHC, Hydraulic Tarantulas, Brown Fat Injection, And Much More…

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Mixed Up Moon
A new analysis of lunar and Earth-based tungsten isotopes suggests that the idea that the moon resulted from a massive impact is likely correct. The reason we find no evidence of the impacting body, ‘Theia’, is that the impact was so intense that the debris cloud mixed everything up evenly.

Lunar Lava Tubes?
A theoretical paper suggests that there could be lavatubes on the moon big enough to house cities.

Martian Glacier Belts!
Using radar observations combined with models of ice flow, it has been calculated that Martian glaciers contain approximately 150 billion cubic meters of ice – enough to cover the entire planet in about a meter of ice.

Baby Scientists
Turns out surprise is the secret sauce for learning.

Blind rat navigation
Blind rats adapted rapidly to stimulation of the brain’s visual cortex with geomagnetic information, enabling them to navigate as well if not better than rats with sight.

Fingerless prostate screening
Using a single drop of blood, a new test for prostate cancer antigens costs a dollar and is significantly more accurate than palpation with a finger.

Bees are directionists.
Bees can differentiate flowers when arranged horizontally, but not vertically. Scientists believe they choose to not exert energy on that task because verticle flowers are usually from the same plant.

Bronto’s back!!
Bronotsaurus is back – now a dino again – huzzah! Dino-obsessed kids around the world cheer!!! Check out our interview with one of the scientists on YouTube!

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INTERVIEW: Zach Marshall – Flipping the switch to the LHC, and using the ATLAS experiment.

MRSA is a chain smoker
Antibacterial resistant bacteria is made stronger by cigarette smoke. Add it to the list, ammiright??

Hydraulic Tarantulas
Tarantulas are basically robots These gigantic spiders use the same method for locomotion as robots do – hydraulics!

Brown Fat Injection
Researchers showed that an injection of harvested brown fat cells reduced obesity in mice genetically selected to become obese, suggesting that brown fat transplantation could be a possible method for combating weight gain.

Single-dose Ebola vaccine
This vaccine protected non-human primates against the African Makona strain of the ebola virus, suggesting it will be useful against multiple similar viral strains.

ALMA Sees Chemicals
And, not just any chemicals… complex organic molecules that make up the building blocks of life. Massive quantities of methyl cyanide and hydrogen cyanide were spied within the protoplanetary disc around a distant young star.

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