08 March, 2017 – Episode 609 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Women In Science, What They Ate, Troubling Sinks, Molecular Leaf, Panda’s Technicolor Dreamcoat, Elephants Get Fitbit, Eyes Came First, DNA Storage, Time Crystals, Boney Appetite, Spider Nightmare Juice, Sex Talk, Ladies In Space, And Much More…

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The following hour of programming would not be possible without women…
Not only is it created, owned, produced and managed by a woman…
But two of the three hosts are women!
And the one male host on the show was raised by, you guessed it…
a woman…
More than one in fact…
And while women are being recognized for all the wonderful things they do this women’s day…
I’d like to take a quick moment to speak on behalf of all men…
We get it…
some of us are the worst people ever…
And those of us that intend to get it right,
often don’t…
But please don’t give up on us…
We don’t always understand.
We don’t always make the effort to understand.
But don’t give up.
Don’t give up, and please don’t be patient either…
Patience was tried valiantly in the past,
it doesn’t work.
Your patience is always viewed by us as acceptance.
Do not accept the status quo,
do not suffer fools,
And make all mankind better by being heard
Right here on…
This Week in Science
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Women In Science
Women are making strides in the sciences around the globe, bringing parity to what has historically been disparate gender representation.

What They Ate
Neandertals ate food that corresponded with where they lived according to a study on dental plaques published by Australian paleontologist, Laura Weyrich.

Troubling Sinks
What goes down can come back up concludes a study of bacterial growth in sink P-traps by a team led by Amy Mathers, a molecular epidemiologist at the University of Virginia.

Molecular Leaf
A new material can convert carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide just using the power of light.

Why is the panda black and white?
Because it is bad at being a bear.

Using fitbits to track elephants and learn about sleep
Elephants only sleep for 2-4 hours a night, and not very deep. Perhaps this stufy will illuminate why we sleep and how to improve our quality of sleep! But hopefully it won’t be too bright, I’m trying to catch some z’s…

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Heading out to see
Massive Increase in Visual Range Preceded the Origin of Terrestrial Vertebrates.

DNA Storage
Researchers just developed a method to store information in DNA that closes in on its theoretical maximum by using an error correcting encoding algorithm usually used for noisy data communications systems.

Time Crystals
The name doesn’t just sound cool. This new phase of matter breaks time symmetry. No one has ever done that before.

Boney Appetite
Your bones help regulate your appetite, according to recent research published in Nature by Stavroula Kousteni and her colleagues.

Spiders who live together, are terrifying together
Spiders band together to withstand heavy rainfall and predation pressures in the rainforest.

Let’s Talk About Sex
Americans are having less of it! We can thank Jean Twenge for a new analysis of sex trends in the US that makes life seem less fun.

Ladies In Aerospace!!!
A fellowship in the name of Brooke Owens has named its first class of 36 women who will spend the summer gaining valuable experience at various organizations in the aerospace industry.

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