10 June, 2015 – Episode 518 – This Week in Science


World Robot Domination Challenge, FasterBetterStronger, We Never Learn, Dino Teeth, Irish Gold, Bird Inspired Color, Prosocial Is New Normal, Run Rabbit, Test For Infections, Sleep On It, And Much More…

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The following hour of programming contains
cutting edge science
You don’t need to be a scientist to listen, but
if you listen long enough you may begin to see the world as a scientist sees it…
For the world of a scientist is a world of
endless questioning.
The pursuit of answers is a scientific pursuit,
but it inevitably leads to more questions, and more often than not the more
questions part is the thing that drives scientists to do more science…
There are likely things you have never questioned,
questions it simply never occurred to you to ask
or questions it could not have occurred to you
to ask because you didn’t know there was a something there to ask questions
In this show we offer up a fresh batch of
questions posed by science.
Some with answers, some without, but all with the
ability to help you begin forming questions of your own…
The more you question, the more scientific your
brain becomes until one day you wake up to find yourself scientifically minded…
At which point you will have no choice but to
tune into the best source for formulating more science minded question lovers…
This week in Science…
Coming up next!

World Robot Domination Challenge
The South Korean robotics team took home the gold at the DARPA Robotics Challenge in Pomona, CA this past week. However, we have little reason to worry about robot domination just yet.

The military is testing an exoskeleton called MAXFAS that was developed to help stroke victims recover walking ability for use in training soldiers to shoot more accurately.

We Never Learn
A Nobel prize winning scientist at a luncheon for female scientists last week made comments about how difficult it is to do science with women because, “Three things happen when they are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry.” He has since apologized for what he intended as “light-hearted” comments.

Dino teeth
Investigation into dino teeth

Irish Gold
Ancient gold trade route

Why do we help those in need?
A new study shows that we and other animals participate in behavior to help others when it makes no difference to us if we do or we don’t – but why?

How to make a color without pigment
Would you like an outfit that never fades? Or a car that doesn’t need touchups? Would you like to change the color of your bicycle anytime without paint? Bird feathers may have the answer.

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Rabbit virus vs cancer
Looks like a rabbit virus might have cancer on the run.

Test For Infections
A new simple blood test could inform people what viruses have interacted with their immune systems over the course of their lives. However, it’s not ready for mass use yet as it is plagued by false positives, and not entirely accurate.

Sleep On It
Research suggests that people might be able to unlearn implicit biases while we sleep. Using a technique called targeted memory activation, which has been shown useful in strengthening factual, action-based, and emotional memories, people’s biases were decreased for up to a week after training.

Hellboy Dino
A Triceratopsian dinosaur was discovered!

Camel Urine…
Don’t Drink It!

Canadian Camel Fossil
Hopefully, this fossil will help paleontologists understand the demise of the North American camel.

Website can ID a bird from a pic
Thank you Cornell Bird Lab!

Box jellies are basically terrifying
They lure in their prey with colorful lights.

Blow The Chute
NASA’s LDSD test last week resulted in a blown parachute, but the project director says it taught them a lot.

Brain Eating Good
Strangely, there is an upside to brain-eating.

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