10 October, 2013 – Episode 435 – This Week in Science


NIF Media Shutdown?, Nobels, Ig Nobels, Working Memory Games, Crows Are Smart, Mammalian Terminal Mating, Cataplexy Explained?, Comet On Earth, Don’t Stroke Cats, Twitter Science, And Much More…

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The Nobel’s are in!!!

And, the Ig Nobels
Science research that makes you laugh, and then makes you think.

Shutdown Update!
NIF fires it up…
The National Ignition Facility came a significant step closer to ignition in August when it achieved more energy out of its fuel cell than was put in.
But, we had to find out about it from the BBC
It’s unclear whether politics had anything to do with this late-breaking news, but it is clear that there are no scientists available to comment on it at this point because they have been furloughed.

Blair’s Animal Corner
NEWS FLASH – Crows are smart.
Crows know a lot more about their tools than we thought and have an eye for design and function from the start.

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More Blair’s Animal Corner
Terminal Mating… IN A MAMMAL?!
Suicidal Sex in Marsupial Mice – and scientists aren’t sure why… HOW’S THAT FOR ALLITERATION?!

Cometary Evidence
Enter Hypatia, the nucleus of a comet that crashed into the Earth 28 million years ago, which scientists found in the 6000 km crash zone in Egypt. This is the first, and only, cometary nucleus ever found on our planet.

Twitter Science
Suicide Data
Twitter data correlates well with suicide rates in states and could be used to help people in need.
Flu Data
Twitter data also might make for an excellent flu outbreak predictor.

Stroking could stress out your cat
Don’t pet your cats, and have a lot of them!

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