11 March, 2015 – Episode 505 – This Week in Science


Exercise Hormone Myth, Drugs For Life, Good Old Brains, Consciousness Network, Menopausal Orcas, Unrealistic Canaries, Rise Of The Boodies, Making Mouse Memories, What Flash-Backs?, Chameleon Color Change, Neander Art, And Much More…

Disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer
You may not be who or what you think you are…
No need to check a mirror and compare it to your
drivers license, this is not the you I am referring to, but the inner you…
Some people believe they are a soul… trapped for
the moment in a biological organism…
Others believe they are part of a connected
cosmic consciousness… the mind of the human being acting as if it were a
consciousness radio receiver…
Still others claim only to be a human being with
a brain…
The truth is… not agreed by all.
And if there is a truth, a final answer to the
If we can agree that every version of reality
cannot be correct
Most people will be wrong…
But if you align you beliefs with science you
will never be alone, as you will always be in the company of
This week in science…
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Exercise Hormome Myth
A recent study reports data that does not support the existence of Irisin, the so-called ‘exercise hormone’, which has been hailed since 2012 as a possible drug-target for anti-obesity.

Drugs For Life
Two drugs currently on the market have been described as part of a new class of anti-aging drugs called ‘senolytics’ based on studies on mice.

It’s all in your head, and might be an emergent property of whole brain activation.

Older brains are just fine…
So sayeth a new study comparing old brains to young using blood flow as a marker of activation.

Menopausal orcas are wise matriarchs.
Orca females live well past reproductive age, but as it turns out, they are indispensable sources of wisdom within the pack.

Boodies on the rise in Australia
These marsupials driven to extinction on the mainland in the 1960’s could have a second chance, with some creating breeding.

Female canaries with unrealistic expectations
Usually male canaries can either sing at a great range or with awesome trills, but not both. However, females chose the supernatural trilly dynamic tones made by a computer over real live males every time. Sorry boys!

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Making Mouse Memories
Scientists have implanted false memories into sleeping mice leading them to seek rewards upon waking.

What flash-backs?
A survey found no long-term negative psychological effects of taking hallucinatory psychoactive drugs.

Chameleon Color Change
It takes crystals to change the chameleon’s color.

neander news
They did art. Who knew?

Stop Impulse Buys
Traffic light labels on food could help you make the right decisions at the grocery store.

Dwarves Circle Us
The Dark Energy Survey has elicited the discovery of several dwarf satellite galaxies in orbit around the Milky Way.

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