13 December, 2012 – This Week in Science


Rivers Of Hydrocarbons, Crashing Into The Moon, Kinky Fish, Nature Versus Nurture, Venomous Primates Found, Depression Neuroscience, Testing The Simulation, Cool It Down, And Much More…

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Rivers of Hydrocarbons

Smashing the Moon

BLair’s Animal Corner
Kinky Fish
Mollies are a fish species that exhibit “mate copying,” this means that females prefer males that they have seen copulating before. What’s shocking, though, is that it is equally advantageous for a male to “flirt” with a male as with a female in front of his target mate. Wow, nature, you are into the taboo…

FYI, it’s Nature and Nurture…
According to new research, hatching order effects the behavior of birds for their entire life. Zebra finches are more adventurous as their relative brood age decreases. Those that hatch later have to try harder to find food since their larger siblings can outcompete them. So next time you’re being bothered by your big brother, tell mom that bullying from your siblings could effect you for the rest of your life!

I did not know there were venomous primates

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Chipping Away at Depression

We can test it

Boxed wine goes in the fridge!

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