13 June, 2018 – Episode 675 – This Week in Science (TWIS) Podcast


Scientific Mistakes, Breathy Biodiversity, Sky Diamonds, Volcanic Warming, Pandoraviruses, Illegitimate Chicks, Vets And Dogs, Sketching God, AI Senses, Fatherhood Is Good, And Much More…

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Humans are the most accomplished life-form on planet earth.
Accomplishing amazing things is what they will be remembered for
by whichever life-form takes sentient center stage in far flung future.
The first thing to remember about anything you try to accomplish…
Is that failure is imminent.
Failure, the art of getting it wrong,
is how all good discovery is made.
Thomas Edison didn’t just have a bright idea for a working light bulb.
He invented a thousand dimly lit bulbs that fizzled out
until one day he failed to get it wrong.
James Dyson didn’t come up with a brilliant new idea for a vacuum cleaner on a whim…
He came up with over 5000 prototypes for vacuum cleaners that didn’t suck
until one day he failed to get it wrong.
And for every accomplishment that seems to show greatness…
or genius…
We must remember that this is the result of a tremendous embrace of failure.
That any accomplishment casts a long shadow,
is only because of how late in the day we are seeing it.
Embracing failure,
learning from mistakes,
and pressing on isn’t just the sort of thing that some great inventers do…
It’s what we all celebrate together each time we tune into…
This Week In Science,
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Scientific Mistakes
These strengthen science, contrary to public opinion…

Biodiversity: helping you breathe
Greener neighborhoods mean healthier children!

Lucy in the sky with diamonds…
and microwaves

Volcanic past…
shows global warming future

Giant Pandas may die out
…but, giant pandoraviruses will live forever.

Older birds father more “illegitimate” chicks than younger birds.
It isn’t their experience though, it would appear to be their sperm doing the work.

Veterans are healthier with dogs
Service dogs actually improve physiology of veterans with PTSD. A testament to animals and the power of emotional support!

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This Week in What Has Science Done for me Lately?!?
“I love dogs and I have a pack of dogs living with me and my kids. One of the wonderful things about science are all of the amazing types of medicine we have developed for our furry friends. There are vaccinations, pest control and more. Also, the fact that dogs are one species and so different from one another in size, color, furriness, etc, always blows my mind. I enjoy thinking about how they’ve been with us for so long (as scientists discovered by looking at the genetic clock) and how we’ve most likely influenced each others’ lives. Taking my dogs to the vet means that I get to spend even more quality time with my canines. ?

Thanks for your awesome show! I love what each of you brings and how you have unique voices and perspectives!
–Susan Barnum”

Scientists discover what god looks like
To a select group of people in North Carolina.

AI senses bodies through walls
Researchers urge that this could lead to better health care, but all I see is Big Brother watching me through walls…

AI helps count and track endangered species
So I guess they aren’t all bad?

Fathers are doin’ it for themselves!
Fatherhood roles are shifting in society, and it would appear to be for the better!

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