14 August, 2014 – Episode 476 – This Week in Science


Triclosan And Pregnancy, Triclosan And Toothpaste, Fracking Ingredients, Robot Legs, Robot Nose, Laser Brains, Shark Week Lies!, Shadowy Parasites, Ever Increasing Testes, Family Macaque Face, Solving Diabetes, Mosquito-bourne Chikungunya, Cow cliques, Jet Lag Genes, Cybernetic Brains, Filling Face Holes, And Much More…

Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer…
The history of mankind is one of continued progress…
And unrelenting opposition to said progress
The ancient mystics discovered logic and made myths to illustrate what they had learned
While those that followed made much of the myths
and kept little of the logic they were meant to teach
Modern science has made allowed a vision of the world without the use of mythology
And though we can often get lost in jabberwocky analogies of complex reality, the
reliability of the principals of science do not require belief or faith or inner
connection to mythical world…
The world science was there before we knew about it…
And will be there long after we are gone
But before we go we would like to offer you
This week in Science…
Coming up Next.

Let’s Talk Triclosan And Pregnancy
Researchers found triclosan in the urine of pregnant women and evidence that it transfers to the fetus. Additionally, they found a link between levels of butyl paraben (found in cosmetics) and shorter baby birth lengths. However, no long term effects are suggested.

Triclosan And Toothpaste
Triclosan in Colgate is coming under greater scrutiny as research used for FDA approval is made available, and endocrine interactions appear likely.

Fracking Ingredients
Science closes the gap on our knowledge about the ingredients used in the fracking process: 8 are toxic to mammals, a third of the 190 chemicals are not well-understood, and some effect aquatic life.

Robot Legs
Robot Nose
Laser Brain

What does population density have to do with testes size? A vole lot!
Voles have shown us that testes size changes as we might expect, but occasionallly surprises us…

Brood parasite competition – it’s fierce!
Cuckoos are not only in an arms race with their hosts, but also with eachother, trying to outsmart everyone into taking care of their babies. What lazy parents!

Macaques recognize their family, even if they haven’t met before
Facial features tipped monkeys off to their relatives so they didn’t make a very unfortunate mate-choice error.

More shark week drama
Shark week producers lied to scientists to get them to participate in shark week “documentaries”

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On diabetes trail…
Researchers have discovered a key signal in the metabolic pathway that leads to development of diabetes.

Factors For Virulence
Chikungunya virus, newly spreading in the United States, is spread by mosquitoes similarly to dengue and malaria. Recent research finds that the possibility of infection from a female mosquito depends on the temperature, mosquito strain, and viral strain, making control a complicated situation.

Scientists may have identified the gene responsible for jet lag!
Jet lag pills, come hither!

Cows pick who they hang out with – social cliques aren’t just for primates!

Our Cybernetic Future
Researchers are developing tiny, flexible nanoelectronics that could be injected into the brain to monitor and influence neuron activity.

Making Faces
A new material fills bone defects when mixed with water, and could help reconstruct facial deformity.

Gecko Toes Control Their Stick

Two-headed dolphin washes up on shore

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