15 April, 2015 – Episode 510 – This Week in Science


Psychological Shakespeare, Sick Ant Hours, The Sick Sight, Super Hippos!, T-Rex Cannibalism, End Of The World, Better Fatty Brains, Whale Trail, Super Novelty Trick, Nicotine Alcoholics, Strong Ass Acetaminophen, Terror Bird Talk, Game On, And Much More…

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The following hour of programming is full of science-y news whatsits…
Small pets, undomesticated
children, and feral fish should all be kept at a safe distance as they can
sometimes become trapped in the shows electrified netting.
This week,
like every week,
the show you are about to hear is based on the actual world we live in…
The stories
are about research that was conducted using the scientific method…
and what you
are about to hear is the result of what was found
through the
most rigorous forms of analysis the
world has ever known…
If we
stopped to think for just one second about what we are broadcasting,
we would be like every other show out there that thinks only for a second…
But we don’t
think for a second…
…we think
about the show every waking hour of every waking day and sometimes when we
sleep we dream of This Week in Science…
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Psychological Shakespeare
Analysis of Shakespeare’s language use versus other playwrights pinpoints the bard as the author of a highly contested work called “Double Falsehood”.

Sick ants go home early
Infected ants avoid unnecessary contact with others to reduce the spread of disease

Watching sick people makes your immune system kick into overdrive
Looking at pictures of sick people causes a response in your immune system

Super Novelty trick
Pedal on the left…

Hippos are Super Important!
Hippo poop redistricutes nutrients from the land into the water, and is a key food source for other organisms. Yum!

T rex cannibal not a surprise
Scientists say the recent study finding a species of Tyrranosaur to be a cannibal just confirmed recent suspicion.

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The Last End of the World…
Ocean acid killed everything… almost

Fatty brains are better

Whale of a trail

Acetaminophen is stronger than you think
Not only does it relieve physical pain (and emotional pain as previous research has shown), but it also dulls all emotion, good or bad. Uh oh!

Nicotine makes alcoholics, too
Nicotine makes mice exhibit acoholism symptoms much faster. Add it to the list!

Game On

Terror Bird talk

3d printed flowers

white nose bat disease curbed by bacteria

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