16 August, 2017 – Episode 632 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


How We Started, Fish Jaws, Dino-stein Tree, Sulfur Breath, Jellied Teamwork, Eclipse Gone Wild, Immune Switch, Making Magic Mushrooms, E-Cig Quitters, Middle Sweet, Spider hunger, Spider Kevlar!, And Much More…

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Conflict resolution…
It’s a tricky thing.
There are two sides to any argument.
Often Many sides…
And many sides may have opposing views that,
as the conflict resolution process plays out,
may or may not get their way.
And according to Dr. Stephen Bruce,
by way of the HR Advisor website…
There are six steps to Conflict Resolution:
1) Clarify what the disagreement is.
2) Establish a common goal for both parties.
3) Discuss ways to meet the common goal.
4) Determine the barriers to the common goal.
5) Agree on the best way to resolve the conflict.
6) Acknowledge the agreed upon solution and determine the responsibilities each party has in the resolution.
You can use these steps to improve the relations with your fellow citizen.
But straight forward conflict resolution has its limits…
It may keep Karen at work from taking your parking place,
or eating your lunch…
But if Karen wants you dead…
You need another strategy.
And while it may be too late to do anything meaningful to change Karen’s outlook…
You can rest assured that almost every human being on earth agrees with you.
And together,
we will stop the Karen’s of the world…
With This Week In Science,
Coming Up Next…

This Week in What Has Science Done for me Lately?!?
“Hi Dr Kiki,
Firstly thank you for such a wonderful Podcast. I live in Queensland Australia (I often hear Blair mentioning studies from here in Oz) Every week I look forward to listening to you all delivering science news whilst I’m on the long commute to and from work. I wanted to offer you an insight as to what science has done for me lately. For the past year my girlfriend and I have been going through IVF. I myself cannot produce mature eggs to use. Therefore Science is intricately involved in our process whereby she is able to donate her eggs and have them fertilised and the process of Frozen Enbryo Transfer to begin so that I may one day hope to be a mother. I’m often in awe of the amazing opportunities science offers us in this situations and I am so thankful for its development and involvement in my life.
I just wanted to let you know my story and a side note to say thank you for your wonderful Podcast that enlightens and brightens my week. Keep up the great work.
Cheers, Loui”

How We Started
Thanks to Snowball Earth, nutrients became available 650 million years ago that jump-started complex life.

Fish Jaws
A 400 million year old fish fossil is enabling international researchers to more accurately characterize the ancestors that led to tetrapods and eventually humans.

Dino-stein Tree
An oddball dinosaur fossil is not potentially bringing disparate groups of dinosaurs together.

Ag Sulfur bad for breathing…
Kids raised near farmland where sulfur was used as a pesticide experience more respiratory issues.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!
That is true for humans, painted dogs, and now also… Jellyfish!

How will the eclipse affect wild animals?
Research shows, it is likely to make them sleepy!

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Cancer Switch
Researchers have found a molecular signal that turns on immune cells’ tumor-killing ability.

Making Magic Mushrooms
For the first time, chemists have synthesized psilosybin opening up the path to therapeutic uses.

E-Cigs are doing their job…
People are more likely to stop smoking cigarettes if they use e-cigarettes.

Middle Sweet
New evidence on artificial sweeteners and metabolism might explain why people who drink diet beverages gain more weight.

Jumping spiders are so cute! They are tiny and eat tiny flies and watch them dance, awwww… OH MY LORD WHAT IS HAPPENING THAT TINY SPIDER IS EATING A FREAKING FROG!

Spider Kevlar!
Using lasers, researchers weld spider silk to Kevlar, among other things.

Micromachines For Stomachs
New research has shown proof of concept that anti-biotic carrying molecular robots can treat bacterial infections.

Alternative Medicine Review
Cancer patients were about 5x more likely to die within 5 years if they chose alternative medicine over conventional, according to this observational study.

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