17 June, 2015 – Episode 519 – This Week in Science


Philae Awakens!, Opto-CRISPR Future, Stress Babies, Neander-teeth, Dense Old Brains, The Amazing Seastar, No Mongoose Inbreeding, Otolith rosetta Organs, European Nation, Flexible Injectibles, Bath Power Ahoy!, Dogs Hate Rudeness, Papal Pronouncement, And Much More…

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There are worse things in this world than sexism…
Though few that affect as many people…
And through a grand scale of time and location across the globe and throughout history,
it can be argued that no other practice of man has done as much damage to the society that harbored it,
than sexism…
Societies that value the abilities and contributions of women,
benefit from them.
Those societies that set limits on what women can contribute, limit themselves.
A snap shot of the last hundred years will find that nations which do not educate their women,
do not prosper.
The poorest nations on the planet are likely so, and likely to remain so,
because of the limits they put on educating 50% of their workforce…
and 100% of their mothers.
So when a nobel-prize winning scientist made disparaging remarks about women in science this past week,
it is understandable that anyone who understands the alternative, spoke out harshly against his words…
And while the alternative to educated women in science may have escaped this man of science,
it undoubtedly did not escape his wife’s…
Who just happens to be a scientist herself.
Proving perhaps that it’s never too late to learn new things,
but the sooner you do,
the better off you will be with
This Week in Science…
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Philae Awakens!
We weren’t sure if the plucky little lander would wake up, but it did and till has data to send back to Earth via Rosetta. The ESA is working to get the Rosetta craft into a new orbit that puts it into more and better contact with the lander to fulfill further science on the comet.

Japanese researchers have combined light activation with the CRISPR/CAS-9 system, in effect creating a way to edit the genomes of cell with greater accuracy and temporal on-off control.

Stress Babies
Maternal stress influences mother’s and baby’s microbiota.

More information on the complexity of our neanderthal cousins.

Seastars may hold the greatest secrets to regeneration and immortality
Seastars removed foreign bodies from their insides without appearing to disrupt any internal organs or processes. Perhaps Wolverine should have been called “Starfish man”?

Mongoose inbreeding is a fine science
Mongooses go out of their way to keep the gene pool expansive despite living in tight family groups

Otoliths: the fishy rosetta stone
Scientists have studied how otoliths look based on a variety of variables and should now be able to draw conclusions about a fish’s previous record based on the tiny ear bone.

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European History
You’re all Asian.

Flexible Injectibles
Scientists have developed flexible mesh electronics that are injectible and compatible with human tissue. What does this mean for the future of biomonitoring?

Bath Power
Engineers harnessed bacterial swelling and humidity to make a power generating device that could run a small toy car.

Dogs snub people rude to their owners
This study lacks a lot of details and the science is a bit shakey, but it is an interesting prospect!

Papal Pronouncement
The Pope is set to tell everyone to be better stewards of the Earth. Think it will change things?

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