18 July, 2013 – This Week in Science


Jenny McCarthy Boo!, Fracking Earthquakes, Kilonovas, Hot-blooded Dinosaurs, Dino Cow, Predatory T-Rex, Flatworms Dream Of Electric Sheep, The Choosy Mammal, Fishy Relatives, ManBearPig, Bird Brains, Brain Dust, Noisy Neurons, Giant Pandora Virus, And Much More…

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Jenny McCarthy and The View… Boo!

More Evidence Linking Fracking and Earthquakes

More Supernova, Neutron star Awesomeness

Hot-blooded… the first Foreigners

T Rex Carnivore Teeth

Utah’s Dino Cow

Flatworms keep their memories in their… umm…
Decapitated planarian flatworms sustained memories and learned behaviors once a new head and brain grew in. Does that mean their memories are stored elsewhere?

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Mammals can pick the sex of their offspring (or at least, that’s what I’m telling my mother)
It turns out that mammals may have some say in whether to “play it safe” by birthing girls, or playing high staked poker with their genes by having sons. Do you feel lucky, punk?

Brainy News
Eavesdropping on the brain with dust
Neurons hold the key to creativity

Giant Pandora Virus

Wave at Saturn on July 19th!!!

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