18 March, 2015 – Episode 506 – This Week in Science


Hot In Here, Water Everywhere!, Sex Never Old, Zombie Shrimp, Slime Spitting Worm, Utili-Gecko, Chicks in Space Interview, Vitamin D News, Praise The Children, Yay For Zoos!, Life On Earth, And Much More…

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Hot In Here
The period from December to February is the hottest on record according to NOAA.

Water Everywhere!
Ganymede has a massive ocean, and Enceladus has hot hydrothermal activity on its seafloor.

Sex never gets old
At least, according to a recent survey that found elderly continuing to enjoy ‘getting it on’.

Zombie Shrimp
A parasite turns shrimp into voracious cannibals that eat everything in sight, including other shrimp.

Slime spitting worm
A fairly basic creature, capable of a rather complex movement, could be the answer to several scientific questions

Geckos: nature’s multi-tool
Geckos are also super hydrophobic, with special skin that makes water bead and roll off of them like a car covered in wax.

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We interview Chicks in Space, who are Adia, Lilly, and MaryAnn Bulawa. Help them put an experiment on the International Space Station.

Vitamin D Low
D For Depression
Too High Die
A summary of some recent research into Vitamin D suggests that we aren’t getting enough, this can influence depression in women, and if you take too much it can contribute to mortality.

Giving too much praise could hurt your children
It could make them narcissistic!

Zoos and Aquariums boost biodiversity understanding
Statistically, it’s true.

Survey Says!
Two online surveys provided interesting information on mental states: hearing voices and synesthesia. Turns out not just schizophrenics hear voices and not all voices are bad. Additionally, synesthesia is influenced by a person’s environment during development. Researchers found a link between a certain set of kids alphabet refrigerator magnets and letter-color synesthesia.

Life On Earth
Chemists think that the ingredients for life could have existed simultaneously rather than preceeding one or another, and experimentally confirmed the idea.

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