18 May, 2016 – Episode 567 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Massive Mastodon Hunts, Origami Belly Bots, Biodiversity Is Everything, Bad Panda Poop, The Cuckoo Mafia, Progress For Math, Simultaneous Hermaphrodites Take Turns, Bad Antibacterial Guts, Satisfied Lady Gorillas, Good For Overpasses!, And Much More…

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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!
The following hour of programming is being performed without a net…
As Annette could not be with us tonight…
Everything you are about to hear is recorded live, unrehearsed and unedited…
Unless we happen to curse…
in which case we will edit out the curse word,
and replace it with a more polished, high production value curse word…
The content has been vetted only in that we have read it,
believe that it comes from a reliable source,
and think that it may be interesting to talk about…
Aside from working without a net…
Dr. Kiki is also not with us tonight…
While many long time listeners will be saddened to hear that Kiki has left the show…
They will be delighted to learn that it is only for tonight, and that she will be back again next week….
So while the Dr. is away, the patients will be running the Twisylum here on
This Week in Science…
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Native Nation hunted Mastodons
… for days.

Take two robots, call me in the morning…
A new origami robot hides in a pill, and unfolds to do work in your stomach!

Biodiversity is more than just a pretty landscape
It hold deep, powerful protections from environmental stressors, such as climate change.

The cuckoo mafia is real… And they’re coming for your chicks.
Brood parasites will punish parents who kick out their eggs severely. But, is it really the mind-game it appears to be?

Panda poop
Gives further evidence that they are bad at panda-ing.

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Progressive Girls do it better…
Girls and boys perform more equally at math in progressive countries.

Chalk bass decide who’s the man and the woman in the relationship
As simultaneous hermaphrodites, these fish must make a decision of who will lay the eggs and who will fertilize them. They do it how any healthy couple would make a decision such as this, they take turns.

Anti bac bad for guts
And, for brains.

Homosexual activity observed in wild female Gorillas for the first time
And scientists couldn’t find any reason for it besides satisfaction!

Overpasses save lives
For wild species, at an alarming rate!

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