21 January, 2015 – Episode 498 – This Week in Science


Planet X and Y?, Light Slowdown!, Belly MicroMissiles, Happiness And LSD, Eat The Fish, Zebra Stripes, Agoraphobic Snails, Killed By Hypoglycemia, Science & GOP, Are You Sitting, Bugs & Guts, PacMap, Calling Ceres, Beetle Babies, And Much More…

disclaimer disclaimer
wisdom, ancient knowledge, ancient formulas, ancient truths… ancient Chinese secrets…
understanding of the world the ancients may have had…
Chances are
they were entirely wrong…
beliefs based on poor premises…
Limited further
by lack of information, supernatural ideologies and substandard scientific
In short,
whatever wisdom of the world there existed way back when…
It had to be
discarded for the world to reach modernity…
And while
most of what we humans once thought was wrong,
We are now
living in the age of answers,
where mysteries
remain but are on notice…
on notice that
any unknown, no matter how ancient it may be, may be about to breath it’s last
musty breath here on…
This week in
science… coming up next…

Planet X and Y?
A new report on the movements of ETNOs, or extreme trans-Neptunian objects, suggest that there might be at least one, if not two, very large objects (bigger than Earth) in orbit beyond Pluto in the Oort cloud.

Light Slowdown!
An observational study found that structured light is measurably slower than unstructured light in free-space, on the order of microns over a meter. While a blow to the idea that the speed of light is unchangeable, it really only applies to work being done on specialized areas of physics and engineering.

Micro-motors swimming in bellies
Tiny nano-missiles make drug delivery much more specific and efficient.

LSD makes life worth living
Do psychotropics hit the brain’s reset button?

Eating fish is fine…
Fatty acids in some fishes might protect you from the heavy metals that build up in their flesh.

The latest on zebra stripes
It looks like the fly repellant theory I reported on a couple of years ago may be bunk, and those stripes may just serve as a/c…

Snails in labs turn into agoraphobics
Being in a lab completely changes snail behavior. The question is, if being in a lab alters snails, are there any animals we can test on in a lab, or are they always changed by the experience?

Killed via hypoglycemia
Cone snails are using insulin to kill their prey. What’s next, epinephrine-shooting vipers?!

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Science and the GOP
Here’s your run-down of who will be doing what politically with regards to science and the GOP.

Are You Sitting?
Stand up! Sitting for long periods of time is really, really bad for you.

Bacteria And MS
Research has found a correlative link between H.pylori infection and MS, in women.

Young Gut Old Disease
A link has been demonstrated between bacterial gut infections in young mice and auto-immune disease in old age.

PacMan IRL
New techniques are being developed to use your phone to play PacMan using maps on your phone and GPS.

Dawn Closing Ceres
We’re almost to Ceres, and new images have been released by NASA, including one showing a mysterious white spot on the object’s surface.

Beetles are working an angle
Beetles can tell breeding from non-breeding beetles, increasing the chance they will get eaten, and decreasing the chance they will get eaten. They didn’t much care about gender, and preferred unknown beetles – to increase the number of adults working for them. Sneaky beetles!!

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