22 August, 2013 – Episode 428 – This Week in Science


This Week in The End Of The World, Dog Cat Blood Bond, Tiger Shark Attacks, Copper Causing Alzheimer’s?, Birdie Speed Limits, Gender Bender Science, Baby Eating Mommas, And Much More…

Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer!!!
The world, according to Isaac Asimov, gains scientific knowledge faster than society gains wisdom.
If true, we are on a trajectory of ever increasing disparity between what we have learned through science, and how we can wisely implement that knowledge through an increasingly archaic society of barbarians
While the wisdom of society may never catch up to the accelerating knowledge of science
We can at least hope that the modern day barbarian will allow science to continue its progress.
And maybe, just maybe the day will come when all wisdom is rooted in knowledge
and the barbarians tune in regularly to
This Week in Science… coming up next

Let’s start at the end… of the world

Blair’s Animal Corner
Tiger Shark attacks on the rise
Is it an odd component to climate change? Or did they only just hear about shark fin soup?

Birds know the speed limit
No, birds can’t read, but they act like living radar guns when it comes to highways in Europe.

Dog donates blood to save cat’s life
Who’s the better pet, now?!

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Birds Have Speed Limits

Copper Causing Alzheimer’s?

Beetle mothers eat needy children
Take note, kids.

Let’s Gender Swap!

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