25 April, 2013 – This Week in Science


The Mars Draft, Bird Flu News, Hobbitses, Vervet Mimics, Yay God, Near Death Hibernation, No Memory, Being A Genius, Radioactive Bacteria, Origin Of Limbs, And Much More…

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Want to Live on Mars?
10,000 people have already thrown their hat in the ring to colonize Mars. It only costs $38 – what do you have to lose?!

Bird Flu – Deja-vu?
The new strain of bird flu, H7N9, has been called “one of the most lethal so far” by the World Health Organization. Time to break out the surgical masks, people!

Hobbits don’t come from the shire, they come from Indonesia.
Homo floresiensis, the hobbit-like relative to humans found in 2003 has been shrouded in mystery, until now. By looking at their brains, or rather their skulls, scientists identified island dwarfism of homo erectus as their origin.

When in South Africa, do as the vervet monkeys do.
Vervet monkeys have exhibited cultural change dependent on the habits of locals. Are they just trying to act cool, or is there an advantage to mimicking social norms? It’s too soon to say…

Playing God – Yay or Nay?
Just because we can bring back extinct species, should we? Let’s discuss…

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Near Death
A resuscitation scientist can tell us quite a bit about near-death experiences, and what it means to be “dead.” He claims that consciousness continues for up to a few hours after death, although in a hibernation state. Creepy…

Amnesia… what were we talking about?
A man dubbed E.P. suffered from viral encephalitis and as a result contracted amnesia reaching back to his 30’s. Unconscious familiarity remained, but his life history and long-term memory were lost forever. What is memory anyway?!

Einstein – Always right, Always a genius.

Radioactive bacteria attack cancer

Grandpa Coelacanth

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