25 July, 2013 – Episode 424 – This Week in Science


Girlfriends Are Icicles, Man-Bear-Pig Update!, Dogs See In Color, Sexy Peacocks, Shark Liver Oil, Pigeon GPS, And Much More…

Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer!!!

It’s true – your girlfriend IS an icicle!
Women are always colder, especially at the extremities, so don’t blame your girlfriend, she can’t help it!

Man-Bear-Pig update
Some scientists want to defend this theory, but I’m still not buying it…
Just to remind you, we think this is ridiculous…

It turns out that dogs see color – change your dog body switch fantasies accordingly.

Peacocks – what makes them so sexy?!
Those peahens aren’t looking at what you think they are… OK, it’s the tails, but not the length, it’s the width!! (settle down…)

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Sharks use liver oil to keep up
Not fat, but liver oil keep great whites going in the ocean.

Pigeons have a mini-map in their head
Next time, don’t ask tom-tom, ask your pigeon friends! Forget magnets, they have a GPS in their brain.

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