25 October, 2012 – This Week in Science


Science On Trial, Really Cool Poop, Yawning At Puppies, Electrical Diagnosis, Making Tractor Beams, Brain Food Cooks, Grandma Did It, And Much More…

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Science On Trial

BLair’s Animal Corner
Dung Beetles – the poop makes them extra cool!
Sure, there are lots of good reasons to push around a giant ball of feces, but scientists just found another one. Dung beetles use the natural cooling atributes of dung balls (evaporative cooling – they are moist) to cool down their feet when walking on soil that can reach up to 60* C (140* F).

Dogs are impressionable, but puppies aren’t
Dogs above 7 months will catch a yawn as if it is contagious from humans, but puppies under 7 months will not. This is surprisingly similar to the finding that human children reach full responsiveness to yawning around age four.

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Making A TractorBeam

Brains And Lifespan
Cook It And Grow
Grandma Did It

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